Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't mess up the saying

Adding one healthy habit a week can change everything. However, adding one unhealthy habit can change everything too. It just depends which direction you want to go.

Everyone has heard an "apple a day will keep the doctor away." I have a question for you. What if that is true?

Sometimes people can change a word or two and change the whole meaning of this. Perhaps they say "a Hershey bar a day will keep the doctor away." I heard Jim Rohn say this once and it really stuck with me. Perhaps because it is so simple yet profound.

Making a healthy choice a day will really help keep the doctor away. If you added a new better choice today and everyday it would be hard to keep up. I really would not recommend that. In fact too much change too fast often times is not permanent. If you want to make a lasting change start small. Start really small. Start really really small and do it consistently. It will have a snowball effect. I guarantee it. Do one new one once a week or once a month if need be.

There are a million small choices you can make that will change your tomorrow. Add that up over 5 years and you are doing pretty well. Add up the Hershey bar a day for 5 years and you may not be doing as well.

Some small practical steps that involve little to no effort. I really recommend just adding one of these and make it permanent. Sorry I don't have the time to explain why all of them are really great choices, but trust me they are.

1. Get outside in the sun for everyday.(this should be more than walking from your car to the office). It will boost your vitamin D. And it is FREE!
2. Start taking fish oil. It will balance the fatty acids in your body.(There is so much I could say about this and I will later, but get some quality fish oil and start taking it everyday)
3. Stop hitting snooze. Get up with one alarm or even better get up with no alarm
4. Eat a piece of fruit in the morning or a better yet a vegetable.

The key is to keep it small and consistent. One healthy choice will want to make you make another and another. If you miss a day or don't follow through with it don't beat yourself up. Just take it one day at a time. And in 5, 10, 20 years the rewards will be grand.

(keep it small, simple, and consistent)

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  1. Pipes... I HATE waking up though. I depend HEAVILY on my snooze button. I do tell myself EVERY night before bed that I am getting up with my first alarm but EVERY morning my brain decides that it wasn't as important as it was the night before.

    You know I'm stubborn; how do I fix THIS problem? (I think I need one of those alarm clocks that will roll away and hide from me...)