Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't mess up the saying

Adding one healthy habit a week can change everything. However, adding one unhealthy habit can change everything too. It just depends which direction you want to go.

Everyone has heard an "apple a day will keep the doctor away." I have a question for you. What if that is true?

Sometimes people can change a word or two and change the whole meaning of this. Perhaps they say "a Hershey bar a day will keep the doctor away." I heard Jim Rohn say this once and it really stuck with me. Perhaps because it is so simple yet profound.

Making a healthy choice a day will really help keep the doctor away. If you added a new better choice today and everyday it would be hard to keep up. I really would not recommend that. In fact too much change too fast often times is not permanent. If you want to make a lasting change start small. Start really small. Start really really small and do it consistently. It will have a snowball effect. I guarantee it. Do one new one once a week or once a month if need be.

There are a million small choices you can make that will change your tomorrow. Add that up over 5 years and you are doing pretty well. Add up the Hershey bar a day for 5 years and you may not be doing as well.

Some small practical steps that involve little to no effort. I really recommend just adding one of these and make it permanent. Sorry I don't have the time to explain why all of them are really great choices, but trust me they are.

1. Get outside in the sun for everyday.(this should be more than walking from your car to the office). It will boost your vitamin D. And it is FREE!
2. Start taking fish oil. It will balance the fatty acids in your body.(There is so much I could say about this and I will later, but get some quality fish oil and start taking it everyday)
3. Stop hitting snooze. Get up with one alarm or even better get up with no alarm
4. Eat a piece of fruit in the morning or a better yet a vegetable.

The key is to keep it small and consistent. One healthy choice will want to make you make another and another. If you miss a day or don't follow through with it don't beat yourself up. Just take it one day at a time. And in 5, 10, 20 years the rewards will be grand.

(keep it small, simple, and consistent)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Instead of loading up on Vitamin C try this!

Here is a quick lesson that can change life and health once you understand it. I stress understanding so you can make good decisions.

For our purposes I am just going to use the word sugar instead of glucose. (It will not be one hundred percent accurate, but it will be easier to understand. And for our purpose it will not make a difference.)

Sugar and Vitamin C are almost identical. They use the same little receptors on cells. They actually fight with one another to enter a cell. What this means for you is if you have a lot of sugar vitamin C cannot get into the cell because the receptors are full of sugar.

(Interesting note is that insulin resistance means that cell receptors are resistant to not only sugar but also vitamin C. It sounds like this could cause a lot of problems long term.)

Your immune system needs vitamin C to work properly. Let me put it into perspective. A blood sugar level of 120 reduces a major part of your immune system (phagocitic activity) by 75%. ONE saltine cracker will raise your blood sugar to 100. What do you think eating a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta will do? Now what if you had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and pasta or pizza for dinner? Your immune system is not going to be doing well.

If someone eats this way for a year or twenty years it is probably going to lead to some chronic problems.

I must add this too because I know a lot of people will ask what am I supposed to eat if I don’t have all of those grains? Try eating some vegetables instead.

A lot of people load up on vitamin C when they are sick. I believe that most people are not sick because they have too little vitamin C, but because they are so TOXIC with sugar Vit. C cannot do its job.

The big take away from this is sugar is going to affect the immune system because it does not let your body utilize vitamin C. And your body needs vitamin C to work properly. Instead of taking a Whopping 3 grams of vitamin C intravenously, as Linus Pauling did, try to reduce sugar so Vitamin C can do its job! With this info you won’t need to stack up on vitamin C when you are sick because you won’t get sick nearly as much! Viola you just changed your life by not getting sick as much and preventing some chronic diseases. Your great grand kids will thank you for being able to play with them when you are older. Have a happy day!!

(Linus Pauling won Two Nobel prizes and did a lot of controversial research with Vitamin C.)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


A good friend suggested that people should be able to submit questions to the blog. What a great idea! If you have questions or want some advice on health, wellness, or chiropractic please send a message to or leave a comment and I will check it out.

I am off to Canada! I will talk to you when I get back eh?

A quick note: The first chiropractic adjustment caused a deaf mans hearing to be restored.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why are some people always sick?

It has been awhile, but I am back and have tons of information and some really great thoughts to ponder. Postings will be much more consistent and if you have any questions or areas that you would like more info please let me know. I am going to keep it short and sweet today.

Have you ever noticed that some people are sick all of the time and some others never get sick? What is the difference?

I want to put forth a thought. What if the person who gets sick all of the time is never actually healthy? What if even when they don’t have a cough, a stuffy nose, an ear infection, or any other symptom that they are still sick.

This brings up another question can someone with no symptoms be sick?

The answer is of course! However, most people would not think this. In fact if you ask a room full of people if they are sick or healthy almost 100% will say that they are. When you list off attributes of a healthy person would you list sleepless, depressed, or anxious? Or would you say that someone that is healthy is on high blood pressure medication, cholesterol meds, or takes another drug? No! Healthy people don’t need drugs.

I would like to make one thing clear. If someone is on a drug and it brings their blood pressure down to a “normal” range they are still sick, but they will their scores on the test will be better. So you can say congratulations you got an A on your blood pressure test. But I am sorry you are still sick. Again healthy people do not need drugs.

There are many things that can contribute to being sick. It is always good to find out what the cause of the problem is and eliminate it. Then you can truly be healthy! This is a great note for parents. If your child is chronically sick try to find the cause of the sickness. I guarantee that God created each of us to be healthy.

Well I kept it as short as I could. I really had a ton more to say.

In Faith and Health

Dr. Brent DeShaw

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The healthiest and fastest way to get rid of a sore throat without drugs.

Did you know that bacteria can actually be good for a sore throat???

If you have a sore throat one of the quickest and healthiest ways to get rid of the pathogenic bacteria and re-establish the right bacteria is to open a probiotic tablet dump the probiotics directly in the back of your throat and let them out number the pathogenic bacteria so you can get back to normal! It is easy to pull apart most probiotic tablets and empty the content. Enjoy and by the way if you are sufficient and healthy you probably will rarely if ever get a sore throat in the first place.

Everyone knows what antibiotics are, but few people know what probiotics are. Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria in the body. One of the biggest problems with killing those bacteria is that you cannot control which bacteria you kill so while you are killing off pathogenic bacteria (the "bad bacteria") you also kill off the healthy bacteria too. Probiotics are used to replenish these healthy bacteria in your body. Normally probiotics are taken just like a vitamin.
There are 9 bacteria that you should ingest on a daily basis to have a
healthy gut. The best way to get these bacteria today is through a probiotic supplement. Finding the right probiotic can be tricky because there are so many out there. The only one that I know of that has the right bacteria in the right order is the innate choice probiotic sufficiency. These can be purchased at or at locally at Carlyle Chiropractic.

Few people realize, but up to 80% of your immune system is in your gut. This is why it is so important to have healthy bacteria. It is also why it may not be the greatest idea to inject a bacteria or virus directly into the blood stream and pass 80% of your body's innate defense system. But that is a topic for another post. I hope that you enjoyed and have a terrific Day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Three important things that you should know about me before you read my blog-
1. I am married to the most beautiful girl...ever!

2. I am a chiropractor (a darn good chiropractor) and I am just finishing up my wellness certification.
3. I believe that Jesus Christ is our savior and I am currently attending North Island Church and it rocks
The fourth thing that you should know is that there is a healthy way to eat chocolate!

I recently stumbled across a book called Naked Chocolate. Two of my favorite things ;) This book breaks down what chocolate was originally before it became so processed and loaded with sugar. It turns out that in its raw form chocolate is actually good for you! A lot of so called chocolate contains less than 10% that is actually chocolate. The rest is sugar, emulsifiers, milk products, and other fillers. Just look at the label and you will see that sugar is the number one ingredient.

In short the cinnamon rolls below are organic, no added sugar, no gluten, and no dairy. They are as natural as you can get and the best part is that the whole thing tastes like the best part of the cinnamon role...The Center!
The ingredients include Raw Cacao nibs (not coco), pecans, dates, Agave nectar, and of course cinnamon. That is it and they are really easy to make! If you want more info about how you can utilize healthy chocolate you should look for the book on amazon or

photos of the cinnamon rolls by my wife, Sarah DeShaw